Gods Of The Desert

1999 – album as Column 3-57

In many ways this should have been a released under my full name but I hadn’t quite gotten comfortable with just being me; old habits etc. Either way it was a major threshold/watershed album for me and it got me attention from people who would normally never listen to this kind of music. I am very proud of this album even now.

The cover is a printed circuit board from a broken disco light chaser lying around the office of where I did admin and DJ’d for weddings and school discos on weekends. The image looks like a pyramid or temple complex from the air.

The Wraith is the first piece I ever wrote 100% with a software synth (Probe 1.4). The synth plays some small parts on a few other pieces on this album but this was new ground for me.

The Gods of this album are really my musical (and other) heroes  in track order tributes are:

  1. Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream
  2. Athur C Clarke and Wendy Carlos
  3. the Australian Radar Computer called CSIRAC in 1949
  4. Kitaro
  5. Gary Numan
  6. general
  7. Rick Wakeman & Yes
  8. Kraftwerk
  9. general
  10. Vangelis
  11. Jean Michel Jarre and Nova (Rob Papen)
  12. general
  13. Mort Garson
  14. Pete Namlook

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