Symphony From The Sewer

1999 – album as Aeroplastic Voice

no cover ever finalized

The symphony idea I started playing with on Methods Of Transport reappeared here in a twisted way. This whole album came about in irony and twisted intentions.

I was tracked down by a fan of my Vector album who was running a local radio show and spearheading a scene of experimental noise musicians. He saw me as a pioneer of his movement. Naturally I was flattered but felt that those days were past me. However he insisted that I was important and that he’d love to have some new Aeroplastic Voice tracks.

I did have several ideas floating in my head; a title “old anger on new shoulders” that had no place in a Column 3-57 album; also I knew people getting Government grants (easy money) for multi-media works so rather tongue in cheek I came up with the idea of writing music for a ballet to be performed in a sewer, just the once, and filmed. I figured it may be ridiculous enough to attract those types; a Minette Walters book, “The Echo” I had recently read fitted this all perfectly as the theme outline. It all came together as Symphony From The Sewer.

About half way through the album I gave some tracks to the radio show fellow. He never mentioned them again so I knew he hated them. I finished the project as I hate to abandon anything and shelved it along with any real sense that Aeroplastic Voice would rise again.

Pieces on Plastic Anger Aeroplastic Voice Sampler

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