Virtual Singers – are they a good idea or dangerous? Skatergirl & The Bot BoisI Love You Baby (I'm Such A Loser) We are starting to see the appearance of Virtual Singer applications. I am seeing people be excited about them which I understand as the technology itself is fascinating. I openly admit that these things concern me. I am not at all worried … Continue reading Virtual Singers – are they a good idea or dangerous?

Garden of Merging Waters

Garden of Merging Waters is a Double Album. Purchase of the album gets you the second album as well as an extra bonus track. Purchase of the album is the only way I make a living so if you have enjoyed the work, please reward me for having given you that pleasure. The album started … Continue reading Garden of Merging Waters

Palais Matinee

Palais Matinee is about the early Classic era of movies. How enthralled audiences were to go to matinee movies where they could be whisked from their daily lives into stories of Egyptian Mummies, Cowboys, Detectives… We start the album with a rather lackluster pre-show performance from the local pit orchestra. It is a shame that … Continue reading Palais Matinee