The world needs more music of depth, purpose, and subtle beauty, and you do that wonderfully.
Prof Stephen Weber

YearArtistAlbum Name
2020BRMGarden of Merging Waters
BRMVoice Of Space
BRMEgg Head Ted animated web series
BRMEven If You Don’t Agree – track on Ambient Online 10: Unity
BRMPalais Matinee
BRMPandemic Diaries
BRMTarot I: The Fool’s Journey
BRMIsabel of Grey Abbey
BRMPuzzle Tiles game soundtrack
2019BRMSketches of Place & Time with Sleep I + II
BRMS.P.A.C.E. Force Game Soundtrack
Best Game Award in Game Jam
BRMKosmicheskoye Tango – with Adrian Earnshaw
BRMMissions – Journeys in our Solar System
BRMHigh Theta to Mid Delta – Binaural Beats test – video
BRMSleep Call : I – IV
BRMTravels in Digital Sands
 BRMT.V. Treated – TV Themes given the Benedict Treatment
BRMOut Of The Box – film soundtrack
2 x Best Short Film Awards
 BRMThe Edge of Transmission II
 BRMTriumph & Tragedy
2018BRMPlugged-In Bach
 BRMUnmade Movies
 BRMSpace Case – Album + VST Collection
 DCDRun From The Sun
2017BRMIn Phantasus Cum Morpheus
 BRMMirror – with Peter Lansford
 BRMWaters Are My Sky
 BRMSpaceShip : Continuum
2016BRMPixel Deep Plays
 BRMOther Places / Other Spaces
 BRMMonuments of Man
 BRMDocumented Fragments – synthesizer dreams
 BRMImpermanent Permanence
2015BRMPLACES – details from the world we visit
 BRMTemporal Recidivist
 BRMSea Changes
 BRMTravel Destinations for the World Weary
 BRMCreatures of Light & Liquid
2013BRMMeasured Spaces
 BRMDouble Space
2012BRMA Century’s Quarter
 BRMBerlin to Dusseldorf
2011BRMMountain & The Lowlands
 BRMFallen Leaves + retrograde
2010BRMSampler – Growings
 C3-57Sampler – Collonades
 BSampler – Ages New
 AVSampler – Plastic Anger
 BRMSections + Structures
 BRMUnrepentant – film soundtrack
1 x Best Film Award
1 x Best Music Score Award
 BRMLights of Heaven
 BRMThe Body Pool
2007BRMIn Apparently Irreversible Succession
2006BRMStairway Into The Stars
2005BRMMy Electric Country
 BRMLonely Animals
 BRMAfter Hours
2004BRMNew Growths
 BRMBreaks Between Pauses – lost album
 BRMThe New Space Album
2003BRMSlow Vision Traffics / Tales Of Time – lost album
 BRMLonely Midnight – lost album
 BRM321 – lost album
2002BRMThe End Of The Circuit – lost album
2001BRMOrbits Of Attraction
 BRMThe Place Less Visited
2000BRMWindows Open, Senses Tuned
 BRMThe Edge Of Transmission
 BRMThe Life Complex
 BRMThe Grand Journey Of Marco Polo
 B27th – film soundtrack
 BThe Extraordinaries Of Food – film soundtrack
1999C3-57Gods Of The Desert
 C3-57A Sea Called Solaris
 AVSymphony From The Sewer
 C3-57Methods Of Transport
 C3-57Flights Of Fancy
 C3-57Afternoons In Foreign Climates
 BTime River
 C3-57Operating Electronic Machinery
 B + C3-57Sampler – compilation
 C3-57Utopian Societies
1996C3-57Works In Proto-Techno
 C3-57The Flowers Of Technology
1995C3-57Machine Age Daydream
 C3-571st Campaign
 AVThemes For An Unknown Concept
1994Bseries:1:2 / Choir – double
 BPathways To The Source – unreleased
 BVision Of The Mystic
 BSeashell and other stories – ep
1993BOtherworld Sky
1992AVThe Line On
 BInland Sea
 AVThe Museum Action
 AVMachine Room
1990AVTubeway – ep
1988AVThe Horror – unreleased

I have a few (dubious) cover versions here